write-protected flash drive

By vinaygovind ·

Kindly assist

I have a Integral 8G flash drive but recently a error message 'the disk is write protected" appears

i have files on the disk, but cannot move, or delete them , or format the flash drive because of this message

i have cliked on properties but there is no option to remove the write-protect

How can i remove it in order to use the flash drive?


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What computer was used to place these files on this drive?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to write-protected flash dri ...

If it's the same computer I would say that the Flash Drive has failed but if it was a different computer you may need to allocate it a lower letter int he Drive chain as some Flash Drives will not work with the higher letters.

If this is one of the Secure Flash Drives from Integral you need to install the Software that comes with the drive for it to work. If there is no software for your OS it's not going to work with that system.


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by vinaygovind In reply to What computer was used to ...

well it is the same laptop ive always been using..

i only buy Integral flash drives and they always work...

it was working for about 2 weeks when i purchased it.. but when i tried to restore a avi.file from the recycle bin.. it came up with the write protection error

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Well you can try it in another USB Socket

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to problems

But I would try another computer ideally however under those conditions I think you'll find that this Flash Drive has failed.

Of course if it's one of the Secure Ones a recent Windows Update may have broken it's software.


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About Pen Drive.

by amod patel In reply to write-protected flash dri ...

Why we can't use full space of any pen drive?
As for 2 GB pen drive we use just approx 1.76 GB.

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