write-protected flash drive

By kev321g ·
I have a flash drive that all of a sudden developed this problem. Every time I connect it to my Win XP Service Pack II machine, I get a message that the flash disk is write-protected and that I should remove the write-protection or use another disk. The only problem is that I've tried removing the write-protection using several means but all in vain.I tried using the command prompt,I've tried using disk management to format the drive but that doesn't help-the message persists. I even used a low level formating tool but the format could not complete-all I saw was an "read error" message. Before i gave up i used windows 2000 and 98SE to format but still no success!
What should I do to solve the problem after using the only means I thought would work but all without success?

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to write-protected flash dri ...

What is the make, model and capacity?

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write protect at usb flashdisc

by SOLLEH In reply to Question.

i had 3 pcs flash disc but all my flash disc write protect. i can't format or copy some file to /from my all flashdisc.

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If flash drive has it's own software

by seanferd In reply to write protect at usb flas ...

sometimes the security software will only let you remove write protection or decrypt files on the original machine with the same user account with which write protection or encryption was engaged.

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maybe this

by NexS In reply to write protect at usb flas ...

i had something like this one day, and i found out that there was a small switch that i had pressed by accident which locked it from being written to or things deleted from it. You might want to have a look on it somewhere there might be a switch.

Other than that, i don't know.

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