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    Write restricted system32


    by Anonymous ·

    Over the weekend, while I was visiting some dark places on my XP box, someone kept attacking me with something. What ever it was, it kept writing files to system32 and tripping my antivi. The file names kept changing, one of which was smsdyooo.dll. I could not delete the files from Windows in either normal or safe mode. I had to resort to booting from a slackware USB stick to delete the various files.

    Finally after the ? deletion of files, I came up in safe mode as the administrator and removed the write privilege from system32. My firewall logs still show attacks, but my antivi is not triggered and no files are written in that directory.

    What are the longterm ramifications of not being able to write to system32 in normal mode?

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      Good question

      by rob miners ·

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      my only concern would be locking out the system. You will probably find out soon enough. 😉

      Keep an eye on the Event Logs. 😉

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