Writing a request for an additional body...

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I am in a supervisory position and have recently lost a key team player to the business (he was stolen back by the Sr. VP to work as a business analyst reporting directly to him now) and I need to request an additional body and I have never done one of these before... can anyone offer any advice as to how to phrase it or how to offer statisticall data to enable my request to be taken seriously by my higher ups?

Problem is that this regional IT team has team players being "paid for" by 2 different entities:
1. the local/regional business unit
2. corporate IT...

The local Sr. VP pulled the card that since he was paying for one of our team he could pull him from IT and redesignate him as he desired- which he has done.

My problem is that since corp IT wasn't paying for him- how do I quantify his loss for corp IT to let me hire a contractor to fill his void in service to our customers (the regional business unit)...

One of my direct reports is also paid for by the business so it makes enforcing time and attendance issues a problem as well- BUT he listens to me and follows my directives despite the whole paying for reporting to catch 22's.

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Request a different reporting structure.

by 1bn0 In reply to Writing a request for an ...

IT worker gets paid for and reports to Corp

Corp bills / gets $ allocated from Regional budget.

*Structural change is required to prevent losing "required" manpower. Manpower is required to maintain service levels.

If you don't get what you need, stop killing yourself trying to keep the same response as before. Direct complaints to the V.P. who stole your manpower.

I work for our Corporate IT department. Work is requested by and paid for by ther department requesting the work. Request is required in writing.

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