Writing a script to fill in computer description field

By drewgtr3 ·
Hey guys. We just started a new naming program to help us identify locations of computers in our place of business. We have 1000+ workstations. I was trying to figure out an easier way than going in and manually typing in the location of each PC. I was thinking maybe a script or a batch file or something to that extent. Something automated is the best way to describe it. I was thinking dropdown menus containing the possible locations.
The description field would look like this:

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The way I keep track automatically

by neilb@uk In reply to Writing a script to fill ...

is by IP subnet as we have a half dozen VLAN subnets per floor. A vbscript at logon (attached to a GPO) pulls out the subnet, checks a lookup table, and records the current location along with time, username and anything else I want to record both into AD and into a log file. Not particularly granular but we track down a system to within a few yards.

Obviously this won't work for you unless you subnet.

It never works when you ask the users to do this sort of thing.

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I wish

by drewgtr3 In reply to The way I keep track auto ...

It would be nice to do something like that. But im sure the Network Admins would through a hissy fit. What I really wanna do is write some type of automated program that will fill in the fields of the description area using drop down menus containing the data we would type in manually.

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