Writing filenames to an excel spreadsheet

By mishimasan ·
How do I copy the entire list of filenames from a directory (such as a catalogue of photos with codes for names) and write them to an excel spreadsheet?

(I don't mind if I have to go through another program, but I just want to have the ability to get them into a spreadsheet)

Many thanks in advance :)

OS: Windows XP

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You can use the command prompt to output to a text file.

by dexter.eustis In reply to Writing filenames to an e ...

Click on "Start" then the "Run" command. When the Dos window pops up type "dir {path statement to the directory you want to list} >{text file name.txt}

Example: command to list the c drive to a test file would look like this.

C:\Documents and Settings>

C:\Documents and Settings>Dir C >Testfile.txt

The output would be a file named Testfile.txt and would be located in the C:\Documents and Settings directory.
Then just open this file from inside Excel. When asked how this file is formatted, check the boxes for "delimited" and "space".

Hope it helps.

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use comma separated file

by paul.cook In reply to You can use the command p ...

dir /b c>testfile.csv

will only output the filenames into a comma separated file which can be opened with Excel.

Heck, you can even use:
dir /b c>testfile.XLS but you'll get an error while opening the file, but it WILL work.

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There are also about ten zillion shareware apps to do this

by robo_dev In reply to use comma separated file

JR Directory printer, PrintFolder, etc,

These apps all can output to a text file.

Some people have DOS-phobia.

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Walk me through

by heather In reply to use comma separated file

Can you walk me through on how to do this? Is this done from the command prompt? Do I create a file name called "testfile.csv"? I have 10,000 .jpg file names that need to go into about 6,000 different cells in Excel, all separated by commas. I still have to cut and paste them into the individual cells but creating a .csv file will help with the process. Is there a program that will add the commas for me after I make the file names into a text format?

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