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Writing Good Emails For Email Marketing Campaigns

By will92777 ·
Creating a Small Business Email Marketing Message.

There are a few rules you might want to follow to get a good response, without getting slapped with a SPAM warning. The three components that need to be personalized are the subject line, the message, and the closing. Granted the way to write a letter is nothing you wouldn't have learned in any 2nd grade English class, but what you say and what you don?t say is the most important in a marketing email.

Subject Line; This might be the most important part of the email since the reader decides if he or she will open the email and read the message based on what the subject line says.

When writing the subject line stay away from the words, Free, One Time Offer, Great Deal, anything that you would here on one of those late night infomercials.

You need to give the recipient some credit by not trying to trick them, after all one of the issues in bad business is the lack of trust between the business and its customers. People buy from others whom they like and trust.

The subject line should have the recipients name in it and should relate to the specific offer or to what you found out about the prospect on a personal or business level.

The Message; There are three pieces of information that you need to put in the message.

The first two sentences should contain a specific piece of information you found out about the prospect that relates to the reason you are writing. Example: I read that you attended the ABC Expo last month and I want to talk to you about how you are leveraging the information you gathered from the expo to increase sales.

The second paragraph should contain information about you as a person. This is a key within building the relationship and giving validity to you as a person. After all, when all is said and done one of the key differentiators in any sale in ?you? and selling yourself as not just any Joe off the street, but as a knowledgeable trusted expert in your industry. Example: I have been working as a marketing executive for over a decade and have put together many successful post expo campaigns for companies such as?

The third paragraph should contain your offer in a couple sentences along with a couple bullet points about services you offer that relate to the reason you are reaching out to the prospect. Example: Some marketing initiatives we have been successful with implementing for post expo sales are;

* A
* B
* C

The Closing; This is where you make a one sentence statement that affirms the reason for the email whether it was to get an appointment or make a sale. Example: Is there a time next week that we can talk about your business goals and what you have in place to accomplish them? Or. To find out more information about XYZ or to make a purchase please call Mike at (555) 555-5555.

Note: Keep it short, something that can be read in no more then 1 min and personalize, personalize, personalize. A good measurement is if you can?t do the above mentioned steps then most likely you are sending an email out that is to broad, to long, less effective, and probably will be considered SPAM. So take the time to make it personal and you will have a much higher success rate.

I am not just the writer of this email but I am also a follower of this information and have had great success within my own marketing career.

Blue Wave Design Studio -Small Business Design Firm

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Most important

by Roger99a In reply to Writing Good Emails For E ...

Have a opt-out that works. Otherwise you are spam.

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I never click on the opt out

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Writing Good Emails For E ...

for an unsolicited email. I got out of the habit when the bad guys started uding it as a delivery mechanism.
My response is simple if I didn't sign up knowingly for the email then I block it.

It's a pity really, I've always wanted to get my hands on a bigger pair of breasts, but I'm too shy to ask.

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a better rule

by Kiltie In reply to Writing Good Emails For E ...

NEVER write one

No matter how well written it is

a: You **** people off
b: You make your companies name mud, people will avoid any contact future with it
(a catchy name like bluewavedesignstudio is easily remembered)
c: people HATE SPAM on general principles
d: You have intruded on their personal space, their InBox, their privacy, they resent that

It is still unsolicited mail and as such gets binned.

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