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Writing Good SEO Content For your website.

By will92777 ·
SEO Content Strategy

Let?s talk Unique web page Content and SEO content strategy. A year ago I would have said go and write yourself all the content your little heart desires and you will get a good ranking and be fine in reguards to SEO. But as mentioned in my Inbound Link article, inbound links are now king with SEO, and I must specify shared links, just true one way inbound links no link sharing allowed.

So, web page content is very important in not only the search engines eyes but also in the perception and eyes of your viewer. The more unique web page content you have the more the visitors to your site will think of you as an expert in your field. The search engines will also look at the unique content in somewhat of the same way, and they will give a good ranking to the page because they feel it?s pertinent to what the person who searched for the information is actually looking for.

So there is 2 parts to web page content and your SEO content strategy, well besides the fact it has to be well written.

1. The first is it must be unique; this means for example on any given webpage no more than 30% of the information on that page can be identical to another web page on the web. There will always be some level of overlay but 30% is a good number to stay below.
2. The second part is it must be relevant; this means if the site is about tennis and the page is about tennis shoes you need to have content that pertains to tennis shoes on the page, yes that sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the number of sites we see that just don?t follow this rule well.

So, how is relevancy defined within the search engines? It?s a combination of the keywords in the Title Tag, URL String, and meta-tags and how densely they are within the content of the pages. A good keyword density is around 3% and Google is very strict with this so do not over this percentage. This number is derived by counting all the words on the page (which can be done in Word), taking the first keyword and figuring what percentage of the words that keyword makes up on the page.

3 Things not to do or you will get banned:

1. Don?t hide text on the page by making it the same color as the background to help with SEO, you will get banned.
2. Don?t stack a page full of keywords at the bottom to try and get your keyword density higher to help with SEO, you will get banned
3. Don?t put a lot of text on a page so that the user has to scroll for more then a second to read it all, with the recent update in Google this gives you a penalty, and enough penalties, let me hear you say it ?will get you banned?.

PS: it usually takes around a year to get a site off the banned list with google.


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