Writing the restore partitions of a Dell Dimension E521 to CD {solved}

By revolutiontech.crowell ·
Our company has recently acquired a Dell Dimension E521. This computer comes standard with the recovery options written to 2 partitions on the main drive.

My question is this. Is it possible to write the data from these partitions to a CD/DVD to make a "recovery disc(s)"?

This solution is better suited to our company's needs as it takes control of the recovery process out of the hands of the employee who may decide that he/she would like to install their own programs on the company machine. (you laugh, but this has already been an issue with one of our older machines)

I have done this before with my Sony Vaio PCG-FRV31, and was unsure as to whether or not it was possible with this Dell model.

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The Goodells site has what you need

by robo_dev In reply to Writing the restore parti ...

This site unlocks the mysteries of the universe, if your universe is inside the Dell restore partition:

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Not quite as expected... but works none the less

The Goodells site has so much info it's almost scary, but it does contain a round-about way to get this task done.

I was hoping for a nice, clean little program like the one Sony includes, but this does do the job.

I truly do miss the days when a computer came with all the disaster recovery discs it would need. That way, when a wayward employee with a penchant for Limewire wrecks all your partition tables, it's no big thing.

Thanks kindly for the help.

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Have you checked the Restore partition options?

by nepenthe0 In reply to Writing the restore parti ...

I had exactly the same issue with my desktop and notebook Sony computers, preferring a bootable CD for reinstallation/repair.

When I queried Sony help desk, I was informed that the Backup Partition contained instructions for creating a bootable CD.

One can purchase these CDs from the manufacturer (~$20) if you prefer pretty jewel cases and CD labels. That's what I ended up doing, because Sony help arrived too late - I had already deleted the Backup partition, reclaiming the space within the C drive.

Rick/Portland, OR

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