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    Wrong AD Domain Config.


    by ned2 ·

    I just joined an organisatn and i find therez win2000 server with Active Directory installed.But Domain name reads ntsrv.sunrise.local.Shouldnt this read or .org.also, i find that the server is in mixed domain mode and DNS is not configured.I need urgent help in understanding this b4 i make changes.

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      by dc1 ·

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      the .local is typically done if no resources will be accessable via the internet. Mixed mode is OK if there are still NT4 BDC’s being used. If not then you can convert it to Native. Regarding DNS you do not have to use Microsoft’s DNS servers as long as you are using the correct version of BIND.

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      Hi ned2

      As above, the .local namespace is generally only used for domains that do not serve web content. Our domain is a .local domain, and this extension is recommended during the installation of Active Directory by setup. Therefore, if you do not host a web site you can use the .local extension.

      As for DNS, if you wish to join the networked computers to the domain and access the internet, then you must have DNS enabled. You can safely run the DNS wizard from Start>Administartive Tools>DNS.

      I don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs, but don’t worry if you get the DNS setup wrong, you can stop, restart and reconfigure DNS without rebooting the server (well, you can on ours and it’s the same as yours).

      Good luck

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      by razz2 ·

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      I feel like the broken record now, but everyone is correct about the .local namespace. Here is why:

      Lets say your company was named… well… MyCompany.

      and your hosted internet PUBLIC web site domain name was handled by the hosting companies DNS.

      Now, you name your INTERNAL PRIVATE domain

      When you tried to view your own website at the hosted site, you would get your internal servers. While that can be worked around, being private and internal means you are not really in the “.” or “.com” etc namespace. Those are actual namespaces managed and propegated through the internet. There are other reasons, but I find the best anolgy to be: “Why do you use a 192.168.0.x or 10.10.y.z ip subnet instead of 66.215.5.x?”

      Because one is for public and one is for private networks.

      On the DNS I am confused. You say the namespace is .local and that AD is setup. Other leaned towards it not being installed but I would guess it is. So, what do you mean by not configured? Is it non-existant or no zones or what?

      I would leave the Mixed Mode if there are any NT servers and I have know those that wait until there are only NT based clients meaning no 9x or ME.

      Good Luck,


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        by ned2 ·

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        DNS hasnt bn installed.Thank you very much for the answer, helped me much.

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      by ned2 ·

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