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In our netword we have two accespoint, one is for our visitors (AP6) with ip-range and the other one (AP2) for own network

Got this problem with one user, running XP Pro SP3, when he connects with AP2 he gets an ip instead of a

Network is as follow configured: receive ip from router (DHCP) receive ip from a windows 2003 DHCP server.

What could be the problem?

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Silly question

by Wizard-09 In reply to Wrong WLAN IP

But have you configured the wireless box to use this IP range?

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by AruJammer In reply to Silly question

Everything works gr8, only with this user have this problem.

I also tried ipconfig /release and then /renew. Disabling and Enable WLAN connections.
He connects on AP2 but he gets ip from AP6.

And one strange thing, if i add a static ip with , he can acces our network

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by mafergus In reply to Yep

This is a long shot, but is the DHCP scope on AP2 full? Can you disable the DHCP passthru on that ap? maybe you have already looked, but I would;

1. Check both APS to see if the IP shows up in the DHCP lease table.

2. Check AP2 and see if there is an additional scope in the AP6 range

3. Physically shut down the APS individually then together to see if the client still connects. (just wondering if there are APs 3-5)

4. Clear the entries for the wan and lan connections on the client and make sure there are no static entries in the IP settings for any connection including the alternate connections.

Hope this helps.

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Even Sillier question

by mafergus In reply to Wrong WLAN IP

How are you verifying which access point it is connecting to? and is there any rule or setting to limit access to either the internal or external user access points?

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By the SSID

by AruJammer In reply to Even Sillier question

evevery AP have a different SSID with different key.

There's no rule, if you mean like mac-rules.
They are just simple AP, one is a router which releases ip and the other one is a AP, which is connected to our network.

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Sillier again

by Wizard-09 In reply to By the SSID

How are you going about this, you would need another line to host the wireless which will not be internal to your network, I don't think an extra subnet is any good for you?

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More info

by AruJammer In reply to By the SSID

I got some more info, maybe wil confuse you more. But i will answer all you "silly" question if needed.

We have two internet connection from different providers. Both connections are managed by a Sonicwall 2040 Pro.

There's an acces rule in the firewall wich can't access in neither way.

BUT there's only one configuration based on IP that permits some user's to access AP6 router to use it as a gateway to the internet.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to More info

To be sure I would again check the wireless configuration for that box, you may have misconfigured it easy done, if configuration is correct install something called wireshark on the machine and look at how it's communication with network this will hope you resolve problem.

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by AruJammer In reply to Configuration

I'll try your suggestions.

But this is still strange for me, since this only happens with one PC, we have different PC's and other mobile devices (iPhone,Android,WM) and no one has this problem.

The user connects on AP2 and he gets ip from AP6.

But anyways i'll try anything

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Best to look

by Wizard-09 In reply to Ok...

Onto it then, maybe also add that mac to the blocked list in mac filtering if your worried this user will gain access to the network, also test with another laptop in case your network is open to attacks because of this problem just a thought :-)

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