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    by jusb9 ·

    Help Please.
    I have Cable Internet, connected to a WRT300N,
    latest firmware, but I’ve never set up security for the wireless connections.

    The manual makes no sense, as there are options on my adapters that dont appear in the manual. I’ve never been able to connect with security enabled.

    I have 2 laptops:

    Dell Lat D510 w/Intel Pro 2200 B/G

    Gateway M520 Broadcom BCM4306

    I’ve been building and maintaining PCs 16 years, no problems other than these Linksys, and some D-Link.
    I typically use Netgear but became disabled and now I have to use what I can get.

    If someone can explain this I’d truly appreciate it.
    I’d love to get back to providing tech support,
    but I simply missed 2 years in the field, and I’m lost.

    Thanks in advance.


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      by jusb9 ·

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      Wireless security means turning on the encrpytion

      by robo_dev ·

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      At the very least, almost every WLAN device can support WEP encryption, and newer ones can support WPA or WPA2.

      There may be differnt options you see in the setup based on different software driver versions, firmware versions, or even OS versions. These both XP boxes?

      First thing I would do is upgrade the firmware in the WRT300, upgrade the firmware in the PCs, and get the latest Wireless adapter drivers from the Dell and Gateway web sites.

      Bascially, if both the Wireless router and the Wireless device support WEP, then the WEP keys must be set the same in both devices.

      For WPA or WPA2 you have to set a ‘passphrase’ (password) that must be the same on both devices.

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        by jusb9 ·

        In reply to Wireless security means turning on the encrpytion

        Problem is that I’ve done all this, but the router has options for security modes that aren’t options on the adapters.

        Will enabling the MAC address filter, and only allowing the two to connect work?

        I have a jpg/screen shot if you could look at it, or point me to a faq which explains security modes in laymans terms.

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          MAC filtering

          by skdtech ·

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          MAC filtering would only be an issue if you had enabled it and not added your computers to the allowed list. As for the modes, if you are running at least XP SP2 then you should have no issues there.

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      Have you tried flushing the networks..

      by skdtech ·

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      Open up the properties of the card and try deleting the network from the preferred networks list. If you have correctly enabled encryption on the router and set the passphrase then when the pcs discover the network and try to connect they will ask for the passphrase, type it in twice and it should connect no problems.

      Here is my example, my passphrase taken out of course

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