wrt54 router slow connection

By texrose ·
I have a wrt54g Linksys router connected to a westell modem. When I connect the modem directly to the computer, pages load pretty fast, when I connect through the router, it slows down to a snails pace. I also have a wireless laptop connected to the router and it is also very slow. Any suggestions as to what I can do? I have Windows XP

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Pop the CD for the router into a Optical Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wrt54 router slow connect ...

And read the PDF File that is the Users Manual on how to setup the router.

If you no longer have the CD you can download the Users Manual from here

The reason that this is slow is that it is not correctly configured and needs to be setup to work properly.


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wrt54g-user guide

by texrose In reply to Pop the CD for the router ...

Thanks, I did that and also called Linksys support and they walked me through the set up again. I have been doing some changes on my computer and whatever I did, it is working much better now. I read about another user that had unknown others logging into their wireless service, and I am thinking that might be part of it. At times it slows way down, and then it gets faster again. I don't know how to check if someone out there is logging onto my service. Anybody knows how? Sure would like to know. thanks a bunch.

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Well the most obvious thing to do there

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wrt54g-user guide

Is to reenter the Routers Setup and change the Default Password and whatever Key you are using for whatever security you have enabled.

After you do that you'll have to go back to any computer that connects Wirelessly and change the Security Key on those as well.

The biggest problem with WiFi Hijacking is people leaving the Defaults in place and hoping for the best. If someone is hijacking your WiFi Service you are responsible for anything downloaded so if whoever is downloading Kiddy Porn you can expect a visit from the Police and it will be you who has to prove your innocence not the Police Proving your Guilt.

There are many other items that may arouse the Authorities Interest in what is downloaded through your ISP Link that have a similar effect. So if someone was for instance using your WiFi Link to plot a Terrorist Attack you would be the Guilty Party who had to explain why this is happening.


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