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WRT54G Setup

By carl ·
I am new to WiFi Networks. I am trying to connect 1 laptop and 1 desktop for the moment. I have bought a WPC54G for the desktop (Sony PCV-W20, effectively a laptop) and a WRT54G Router. My laptop has a 802.11b MiniPCI. My Desktop is connected to the internet via its internal dial-up modem. Can I use just the access point of the WRT54G and if so how do I set this up? When I run setup on the WRT54G disk in my desktop it states that it cannot connect to the internet, even though I am already connected. Is it possible to setup the WRT54G from a downloadable file instead of internet based?

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by LMon In reply to WRT54G Setup

Open IE enter the following address where you write the url When you get the user and password scred just type admin for the password leave the user blank. This will get you to the router setup page. Yes you can you should have an option that allows to select it as an access point. The reason it is telling you it can't connect to the internet is because you use a dial-up account. In order to get the internet through the router you will need a broadband coneection(Cable,DSL). If you have highspeed internet you will have to configure the router to your isp settings for cable you would configure it as "obtain IP automaticaly" if you use DSL you probably use PPPoE for your connection.

If you have dial-up and you want to get the internet through the laptop you will have to configuere ICS on both computers. Your desktop will be sharing the connection with the laptop. That will be the only way to get internet on both pcs if you have dial-up.

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by carl In reply to

Must admit I find the answer ratings a little harsh in definition.
Lmon many thanks for your explanation. Unfortunatly when I run I end up with the 'This Page Cannot Be Displayed' page. Please confirm I have the correct URL. I'll try again later in case ther is a problem with the page.

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by LMon In reply to WRT54G Setup

I am absolutely sure that is the url. Just type

From which computer are you typing the url from the wireless computer or the hard wired computer?

You should be typing it from the hardwired computer. You wont be able to get in there from the wireless computer until you connect to the router(to connect wirelessly right click view available wireless networks then select the name that comes in the box(should be linksys) then allow to connect if the network is not secure or enter network id) then connect.

If you still cant connect go to the command prompt. And type ipconfig\all If your ip address is 169.x.x.x you are not getting an address from therouter and that is why you dont get the user name and screen.

Go to the wireless connection right click properties highlight internet protocols select properties again then give it a static ip. IP address. Subnet mask. default gateway.

Then retype in ie
Remember do not write just in ie.

I work with Linksys, dlink, and netgear so I am sure that is the address. Try power cycling the router turn it off for about 45 seconds then try again if the same thing happens uninstall and reinstall the card. If you get nothing call lynksys at 800-326-7114 that way they can determine if it is a defective router or not.

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by carl In reply to

Hi Lmon, I owe you many thanks and yes I finally managed to get my system setup. I think the biggest confusion was that I did not appreciate that one does not need to connect to the internet to setup the router. The router itself will display a web-like page for setting up, enabling all configs to be made off-line. LinkSys tech authors take note and mention this in your User Guide, makes things much easier.

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by carl In reply to WRT54G Setup

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