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WS03 - and NT 4.0 domain

By MIS_Man ·
Situation: I am feverishly researching the possiblity of introducing a Windows Server 2003 (Ent. Edition) into my NT 4.0 domain and at this time just adding the 2003 server into the domain and not making it a BDC/PDC etc. "member server".

I have way to many legacy systems running on these NT 4.0 servers at this time and I don't want to change anthing. I only have to make it through this next year like this and then in Jan 06 we will be upgrading our MRP/ERP which runs on 2003 server. Then I will embrace the Active Directory, etc. with wide open arms.

Question: Any problems with just joining this server into the Domain? It will be running SQL Server 2000 on it for a CRM software package called ACT! 2005. it will also be doing some file sharing.


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re: server

by afram In reply to WS03 - and NT 4.0 domain

If the 2003 server is just a member server then there should be no problem having it join the domain.

We have an NT4 domain with two 2003 servers as member servers.

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by risun_forums In reply to re: server


Make sure it is not promoted to a Domain Controler by any chance.


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by MIS_Man In reply to

Let me make sure I have this correct. So speaking of this "member server" when I go to join the WS03 to the domain I will follow the same procedure just like I would with a Windows XP pro machine. Correct?! Currently I have it unattached from the network and I have been installing the various applications in a "dry run".

What I DONT want to do is go into the Manage your File server and give it any role other than File Server or print server. This is clearly understood, I dont want to introduce the Active Directory at all! All this server will do is operate a CRM database as well as hold Data files. Thanks for all of your help! Any other thoughts or ideas toward this is greatly appreciated. Again I plan on moving to full Active Directory 1st Qtr 06, so I only need to stay like this for a short time...


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03 member server

by afram In reply to Promotion

If the machine was installed as a member server when the operating system was installed, then you can join it to the domain like another computer. Server 2003 is not automatically Active Directory ready.

Just don't run DCPROMO on the 03 server.

We have an NT4 environment and a 03 server as just a member AD here.

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Memeber server

by MIS_Man In reply to 03 member server

Yes, everything is working great now...I had given myself lots of time and also tested the settings in a test environment just in case something went wrong. So far no other issues than the file sharing problem but I got that working now.


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Security Reality

by DougSwain In reply to Memeber server

NT 4 Server will not have security updates after 12/31/2004. So from a security point of view the NT 4 should go off at the New Year. If (when) a vulnerability arises after 12/31/2004 then connection to the Internet will be a security risk. If you have a stand-alone network then your OK.

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