WScript Executing As IWAM Not Terminating

By Hamish_NZ ·
Hi all,

Hopefully someone out there can help.

From an ASP application I am spawning a WScript shell that can't seem to close itself. The script runs until it encounters a flag, at which point it calls WScript.Quit. This works a-okay when I start the script as a normal user - the script runs, hits the flag and shuts down, removing the WScript.exe process.

However: if I start the script from ASP (ie, as the IWAM machine user) the script runs fine, does everything it is supposed to do, but it doesn't unload the WScript object when it hits WScript.Quit(). To make things weirder, the Quit is at the end of the script (I'm into redundancy) and it doesn't unload at the end of the script OR at WScript.Quit.

IWAM user has full priveledges on the script, and the script is reading and writing to a database, so no issues there. It just doesn't kill WScript.

Any ideas?

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