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    wsock32.dll,wtsapi32.dll-sound notworkin


    by gaur ·


    The other day I shut down my PC normally. When I started it the next time, it started showing me this error that said something like – “WSOCK32.DLL… not a valid Windows image” and none of my start-up softwares were running. Initially it didn’t even play my TV Tuner Card but now it streams the cable TV with the sound. But apart from that, if I want to play anything else (audio, video, etc) – I can’t get the audio to play. Winamp loads but no files play – WMP opens but plays without sound – all those Windows clicks can be heard though.

    After the errors for WSOCK32.DLL pop up and I click OK, they’re usually followed by the same kind of errors for with WTSAPI32.DLL being mentioned instead.

    I had a look at the dates of creation for both the files and they’re both 2001 – at the time I installed Windows so nothing seems to have over-written these files.

    Also my PC is a stand-alone PC – I’m just trying to figure out why and how this is happening since I haven’t connected to the Internet or installed any software for this problem to have cropped up all of a sudden.

    Someone pls help – I’m tired of my PC making my life miserable.



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