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WSUS or any other application for distributing and installing Updates

By LuvRoseLeeny7 ·
Can you install WSUS Microsofts free software on a regular Windows XP computer and use it to distribute windows updates to multiple computers as a server without a regular server connected to the software? If not. Does ANYONE know of any program that the only initial requirements is a pc with Windows XP or 2000 and a certain amount of HD space that will be able to distribute windows updates to multiple computers through a network without the use of installing anything on a server itself, and that is free as well. Any insightful suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to WSUS or any other applica ...

Windows XP would only be good if distributing updates to upto 10 concurrent connections. You really need Windows 2003 Standard or better for WSUS to your organisation for WSUS.

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Direct updates

by p.j.hutchison In reply to WSUS

The only other free way is to enable Windows Update Services on the PCs and as long as they all have access to Microsoft web sites they can download and install updates individually.

If you have a Domain Controller you can control when and how updates are downloaded and installed to PCs.

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Patch distribution on network of workstations

by kenneth.stevenson In reply to WSUS or any other applica ...

WSUS isn't an option for you as one of its system requirements is a server OS. To obtain the meta-data and patches a WSUS server needs to be connected to Microsoft's Windows Updates service at least periodically. It is possible to cascade WSUS servers so that only one of a series of servers is internet connected and the others pull their downloads from the internet connected server. It is also possible to export the content from a WSUS server and transfer it to another WSUS server and this is probably the model closest to what you would require. You would download on an internet connected WSUS server and then export/import to the WSUS server on your LAN using something like a USB HDD. I'm not aware of anything you can do without a server OS and certainly nothing free. It would be possible to use Windows Update Catalog to download a bundle of updates and then distribute them from a file share hosted on a workstation using something like qchain to install groups of patches
but I think this would probably be pretty high maintenance. You could possibly use MBSA in offline mode to tell you more about what is needed on each machine.

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