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WSUS RTM kills RDP listener

By Christopher B ·
I'm having a heck of a time getting terminal services RDP (default remote administration, 2 remote logins) working on our 2k3 servers after WSUS is installed. I know Microsoft states that WSUS is not supported on a Terminal Services server, anyone know why? I would like to know what WSUS does that disables the RDP listener.

Basically, after installing WSUS RTM, the RDP listener is still listed in the Terminal services config, but when you run a netstat -a or qwinsta no RDP listener is there, and nothing is listening on port 3389. It doesnt even show up in Terminal Services Manager. I tried recreating the RDP listener through Terminal Services Configuration but that doesn't work.

The only way I am able to get the RDP listener back (and effectivly restore remote administration capability) is to install Terminal Server. The very instant that Terminal Server begins installing, the RDP listener shows up in Terminal Servers Management. What gives? I've searched and searched, and no one seems to even notice that after you install WSUS you can't remote into the server anymore. If you ask me, this is a serious issue that will hurt the image of WSUS and scare people away from it. If I can't figure out why this happens, and find out that Microsoft doesn't plan on fixing it, I'm not going to bother to install WSUS in a production enviornment. It's not worth it, because I'm at a remote location and can't locally administer the server.

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same issue

by dmccabe In reply to WSUS RTM kills RDP listen ...

was there ever a solution for this? I just installed WSUS and it broke the RDP listener in terminal services manager. I would think there hasa to be some kind of solution. ANybody?

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Remote Desktop for Administration

by bigwheat In reply to WSUS RTM kills RDP listen ...

Check this article:

Basically, you need to have Terminal Services Licensing set to "Remote Desktop for Administration".

I have not tested this yet - so take it as what it is...

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