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By MrDOC ·
So, I decided I'd give Ubuntu a spin, and read somewhere that Wubi would put me on "auto-pilot". Well - as promised, installing Ubuntu via Wubi was like breathing...reeeall easy :)
Anyhow, my issue, is that at the beginning of the install, you're prompted to put a password in for the user account (your currently logged in Windows user) setting a password I was trying to use a "strong" password and included the @ symbol in my password.
After booting into Ubuntu and putting in my password, I kept getting incorrect username/password...I KNOW the info I was entering is I tried to enter the password in the username field and discovered that instead of putting the @ symbol (Shift+2) I was getting the " symbol :S ... now I don't know how to either reset the password or enter the @ symbol in my password field....any suggestions?? Pleeeaase?

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Hope this helps...

by MrDOC In reply to Wubi - Ubuntu

I did a little digging and found the answer. So here it is if anyone should ever run into a password reset problem.

On the Ubuntu startup screen (GRUB), hit'll be taken to a root ~#: prompt...type passwd [username]...enter new password...voila!

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esc didn't work for me?

by david In reply to Hope this helps...

At the login GUI where ubuntu/wubi is asking for my username, I tried hitting ESC several times and nothing happens. I'm having a similar problem where I put in a password in the Windows install GUI to install Wubi, and now Ubunti/wubi doesn't know my password so I can't get to the Ubuntu desktop?!
Can someone please help me reset my password so I don't have to go through the process of uninstalling then reinstalling Wubi.

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Wrong screen...

by MrDOC In reply to esc didn't work for me?

You need to hit esc at the GRUB screen...not the GUI -- so on the "text" screen when Ubuntu is booting.

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