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    by aspiring_one ·

    Can someone please tell me why the WWW Service stops on my IIS 4.0 Server (NT 4.0) every time I log out and how to fix it?

    I think there’s an article about this on Microsoft’s site, but I’m unable to find it right now.

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      by calves ·

      In reply to WWW SERVICE STOPPING

      In case you don’t get a better answer, go to services and double-click on www services.
      Tell the system to use a user that has admin privileges, logon locally, and logon as a process (you can give this rights from User Manager for Domains, Policies, user rights, show advanced user rights).

      Good luck!

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      by guy ·

      In reply to WWW SERVICE STOPPING

      Are you sure that the service has stopped? Is there a message in the event log? If you log off at the server, is no-one logged on?
      Calves is right about the Control Panel, Services. However the WWW service should be using the Local, System account and so be independent from the logged on user.
      My suggestions, check control panel services, WWW and check the top box says ‘Local System Account’. Secondly check the Event Viewer. Thirdly look at the symptoms, what precisely is the error message, could it be something other than the WWW service has stopped?
      Finally you can start (restart) the WWW from the control panel, services, WWW Service, Stop and Start.

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