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X-10 Ads

By diabetic ·
I've reached the point where I will never knowingly purchase anything from X-10.

Their web ads drive me absolutely crazy, and I refuse to log onto their website (thus identifying myself to them) once a month in order to disable their ads.

Ikeep hoping that someone much smarter than I am will post a fix/hack/whatever that will disable these ads and all the other onces that launch a separate browser window (above, below, beside ro anywhere else on my screen).

Hiss, boo to X-10.

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I hate popups

by gmscne In reply to X-10 Ads

I must agree that this type of programming is very annoying. I thought these popup windows were relegated to porn sites. I don't like having to use my time to close an unwanted and unsolicited screen display.

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by generalist In reply to X-10 Ads

Perhaps certain countermeasures are needed.

When a company gets on my bad side by being annoying or substandard in their service, I complain and go out of my way to avoid them. It may be vindictive at times, but they want to keep my business, oreven get my business in the first place, they had better be service oriented.

So doing things like complaining about the X-10 ads in TechRepublic is one countermeasure. Finding out who is behind the ads and complaining about the parent organizations is another. And complaining to the portals that support such ads can also help, especially if you play the part of the loyal user who is thinking of using a different portal.

Can anybody think of other countermeasures that don't involve illegal activities?

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by jabbott In reply to Countermeasures

Go to cnet and dowload WebWasher (freeware). It filters out almost anything you ask it to, including pop-up windows and Java applets.

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Legal Issues

by gwappelt In reply to WebWasher

Isn't there any legal issues related to unsolicited ads? If you continue to receive solicitations from snail-mail or even e-mail I thought there was a way to legally file charges for harassment. Same should apply for web ads.
Other than that, I boycott all sites that launch these ads and e-mail their webmasters.

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X-10 be gone forever

by kagren In reply to X-10 Ads

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