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x64, Apps and Drivers!

By vgehring ·
Just like 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit OS's are now history, if you want a 64-bit Windows OS, this is it. We all know XP x64 support will fade soon and Vista x64 was a corporate non-starter. As the x64 Apps and drivers become more pervasive and x32 fades, folks won't have much choice, particularly if they desire new HW. I realize these points will be lost on those waiting for that new MS Office upgrade for Win95.

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"I realize these points will be lost ..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to x64, Apps and Drivers!

Since they're completely out of any context, I suspect they'll be lost on everyone who can't figure out what inspired them. Me, I'm lost on the bit about 32-bit operating systems being history.

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History Defined

by vgehring In reply to "I realize these points w ...

32-bit platforms are "history" in the sense that they were already introduced, have matured and the technology bandwagon has moved on. Just look at a kid's Xbox. I read an article from rto online where it was announced that the Xbox 360 would have three 64 bit processors in it - from 2005!

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