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(x86) printer driver

By richie65x ·
I am having no luck trying to locate and install (x86) / 32 bit printer drivers for an HP LaserJet 4 plus printer.

Here is the situation...

I'm running Win 7 64 bit and am trying to add additional drivers for the printer so that I can share it (via Homegroup) with other machines running Win 7 (x86) / 32 bit. I am prompted to provide the location of the driver...

I found a download for the driver (HP says the file is already part of the OS, but I cant find it) and that part goes fine...

The next step is asking "Install components from Windows media". It looks like it wants the 'ntprint.inf' file, but the one on the machine (in the 'ntprint.inf_x86_neutral_c4c11fe1f3d01835' folder) will not work, I get this pop up: "... INF does not contain the required driver components"

I have tried several work-around / cheats - such as trying to grab a copy of 'ntprint.inf_xxx' from other (32 bit) locations, with the same results.

Any suggestions or remedies?

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Depending on how desperate you are,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to (x86) printer driver

Try the HP LJ III driver. It's the fall-back in most situations where other HP drivers misbehave.

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SOLVED - (x86) printer driver

by richie65x In reply to (x86) printer driver


I had no luck getting the additional drivers to install on the 'Host' machine running Win 7(x64). So much for locating Print Drivers on the Homegroup Network.

Here is what ended up working:
On the 'Remote Machine' running Win 7 (x86) I installed (Added) the HP 'LaserJet 4 Plus' as a local printer to LPT1... If the 'LaserJet 4 Plus' is not listed in the HP category, hit the 'Windows Update' button - this will add a complete list of printers including the 'LaserJet 4 Plus'. Finish the Install (including it as the Default printer...). This step will tell the OS about the printer and its drivers for the Next step (two) to work...


(The "Host Machine has to be running so the 'LaserJet 4 Plus' can be found on the network created by the Homegroup - and the printer has to be shared.)

Again, on the 'Remote Machine' Add a Network printer and Select the 'LaserJet 4 Plus'. Then simply install the printer as usual.

Hopefully this will be found so others can use it... I would think that it should work for any other printer as well.

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