xaml forms

By leighcat ·
anyone been able to convert xaml forms to PDF (without using expensive software+licensing)

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Think you'd have to write that yourself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to xaml forms

There's bits and pieces here and there.
We did a similarish thing with a sourceforge project called iTextSharp.

You could capture the form as a bitmap and then just band the image into a PDF, but they are huge, and you lose all of the potentional functionality from find to interactive forms.

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Response to Xaml conversion

by leighcat In reply to Think you'd have to write ...

Thanks Tony for easy way around except writing something ourselves.

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All depends on how much you want out of it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Response to Xaml conversi ...

Start of farly basic and leave some leg room for making the out put richer, it isn't too bad.
If it's doing everything posible yeterday then a tool might be a better, but some of them are really crap in places, flakey, the printer based ones, very picky at installation, and near every one you read except adobe's says something like we'll give it our best shot if it doesn't work send us an email just below the huge f'ing price tag.

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