XBOX 360, Laptop Computer and Verizon Wireless Internet

By americanpr ·
I have just changed over to Verizon Wireless internet and want to hook up my xbox 360 to the internet.

Can I connect the xbox through my laptop using the verizon wireless connection?

How do I do it?

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Yes the different means of connecting are listed here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XBOX 360, Laptop Computer ...
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by tg00002 In reply to XBOX 360, Laptop Computer ...
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This is how I did it.

by brooklynkid_22 In reply to XBOX 360, Laptop Computer ...

First you have to configure your NationalAccess - BroadbandAccess network connection. To do this go to start, my computer, my network places, view network connections. Then you have to right click the NationalAccess - BroadbandAccess network connection and then properties, then click on the advanced tab,check the box under internet connection sharing that says allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection. connect the xbox via a network cable from the console to the ethernet port on your laptop, then connect to the internet, and fire up the xbox 360. Thats it. Hope this helps.
Any questions send to

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Will this work with Win 98, 2000, XP on the laptop?

by jscott805 In reply to This is how I did it.

Thanks for posting your solution. Do you know if it will work
with any of the operating systems (Win98, 2000, XP)?

Any changes for configuring with a router?

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One more thing no?

by R H Perez In reply to This is how I did it.

This is how I plan to set it up as well, but wouldn't you need a cross over cable instead of a regular patch cable if you are going from NIC to NIC?

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didn't work.

by Titanman43 In reply to This is how I did it.

I did everything listed in this thread and it still didn't work. is there something i missed?

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You need wireless bridge, AP client, or gaming adapter

by VinayKAgarwal In reply to XBOX 360, Laptop Computer ...

To wirelessly connect a Blu-ray player or Xbox to Internet, you need a device that may be called by many names including wireless bridge, wireless gaming adapter, wireless access point, and AP client. Even their prices vary all over since it is hard to compare. Here is a <a href="">page that lists all the Blu-ray wireless connection options available and their pricing</a>.

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do u mean 3g

by resistancemiguel63 In reply to XBOX 360, Laptop Computer ...

Because i have 3g connection with verizon and i connected an ethernet cable with my ps3 but i think it'll work the 360

step 1: hook an ethernet cable with the laptop and 360

step 2:go to your "network and sharing center" settings

step 3:go to view satus and click on it

step 4:click on properties

step 5:if u have vaccess manager a window will pop up click advance and go to the
sharing tab

step 6:click on the check the first box u see

step 7:disconnect and reconnect and ur done

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