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xbox 360 Web Browser

By carr_dj ·
I have been trying to use Vista's Media center on my Xbox 360. I get it to work and all but I am trying to find a browser that will work through media center on my xbox. I have tried the MCEBrowser and still nothing... any suggestions??

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by carr_dj In reply to You can try looking here

Thanks for the link, I think I have tried every single one of those links. I think my problem I am having is that I run Vista 64bit... Any other suggestions?? And thanks again OH..

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That could be a problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks

As the 64 Bit versions of M$ products still have several issues that need resolving. M$ doesn't seem overly interested in rushing to resolve them unlike when 32 Bit OS's came out in 1993. They had the solutions for any problems with the way that things worked very quickly.

Today as it's now sort of necessary to have 64 Bit Systems as the need to run more than 4 GIG or RAM has grown and got cheap enough we are still being delayed by M$ development teams. The conscious of opinion seems to be that 32 Bit Applications work OK so we don't need to fix things in a hurry. Unfortunately they do not work OK.

This M$ Windows Forum Link may prove more useful to you.

Duh it helps if you don't forget the link I suppose.


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