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By JimKlallsoo ·
Hi i have an XBOX 360 arcade and i am having some issues connecting it to the internet.

I have the following configuration

Cable modem > Router (Belkin N150)

The Xbox has a USB wirless card

I can go onto my Xbox and see the wireless network named Netx123.
When i click on connect it asks me for the password to connect to the wirless network on the Xbox and when I enter my password and it says connected.

It also picks up an Ip address of on the Xbox and i see the gateway of This is the address of the Router.

However when i try to connect to Xbox live it gives me a red cross can't connect error message.

I also can't ping the Xbox Ip address from my Pc which is connected to the router.

Can some of you gaming guru's please assist me with this one please?

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What exactly is the cannot connect message?

by seanferd In reply to XBOX Arcade

Can you connect to anything else on the internet from the XBox?

If not, you may have to reconfigure your LAN settings (modem & router) a bit.

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by yteebison In reply to What exactly is the canno ...

Hi I can connect to the Internet through the same router on my iPad and iPod. I also connected my laptop to the router all these work wireless no problem it's only the xbox I have issues with when connected to the router.

When I try to setup the wireless connection on the xbox I see the name of my network. I am then asked for the password to connect and when I type the password in it states connected

BUT when I try To connect to live I get a redX. The xbox just won't allow any traffic from the network through my router. Could it be I need to set a port or protocol to pass through my router. Like I say all my other wireless devices work ok on this router

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by seanferd In reply to Xbox

"Could it be I need to set a port or protocol to pass through my router."

If you have UPnP turned off on the router, then probably.

"I get a redX"

You guys have to realize we aren't all sitting around with an XBox. You need to say what the error message is, or where you are seeing this red x, etc.

Would this be on the "Test Xbox Live connection" page?

It could be picky about your internet connection, if it isn't perfect or something. It could also be a router firewall problem - see if UPnP is on, and check the XBox config/statistics <i>on the router</i>.**02

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