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    Xbox live getting connection error?????


    by xsubxwooferx ·

    I have a Belkin G PLus MIMO router and its going to the wireless labtop which is new and the xbox 360 is plugged into the labtop. Everything on the router is open to play xbox live.Everytime I play xbox live on any game within like 5-10 mins of playing I start getting a connection error or time out of the game and this si going on constantly. I also have full bars of signal no matter what.

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      by mikedyne ·

      In reply to Xbox live getting connection error?????

      that you managed to get the 360 to connect at all like that. Try plugging it directly in to your router to test out your internet connection, see if that is at fault.

      If not, I’d probably go out and buy the exorbitantly expensive yet ever so useful 360 wifi adapter.

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        by xsubxwooferx ·

        In reply to Lucky

        I played with it plugged into the router and I never got disconnected

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