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    xircom card in Laptop with Solaris 8 X86


    by aawaad ·

    Hi Sir,
    I have Sony PCG-F400 Vaio running windows and Solaris 8 X86, my netcard is Xircom, windows able to login to the network and the card is working fine, but under solaris there is no response no light and on the first scan it shows that the card is detected, ifconfig -a output only lo0 loopback interface.
    Please help me to get my network card working for solaris.


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      xircom card in Laptop with Solaris 8 X86

      by cpfeiffe ·

      In reply to xircom card in Laptop with Solaris 8 X86

      I just had this problem with x86 Solaris on a server I built with different model card. Scan shows the card and driver, but bootup doesn’t load it. I had to manually add the device files and links. boot -r (or the fresh install) should and normally does do this but in this one case it didn’t. Before we get into those procedures lets first make sure your setup files for the interface are correct.

      There should be an /etc/hostname.interface file (if your interface is iprb0 it is hostname.iprb0) that has one line listing the server’s name.
      Then /etc/hosts should have the same name assigned to the correct IP address.
      Then /etc/netmasks should have the correct netmask for the network this IP address falls under.
      If you had to correct/add anything here you should be able to reboot now and ifconfig -a should show your interface as up.

      If that did not work try ifconfig iprb0 plumb (again assuming the interface is iprb0, but it may be different on your server). If this fails then you should try the following:
      Once this is done you can initiate the interface with ifconfig iprb0 plumb
      Then assing the network information with
      ifconfig iprb0 inet your_ip_address netmask your_netmask broadcast your_broadcast up
      or you could just reboot.

      However, if ifconfig iprb0 plumb worked you have a problem with one of those three files mentioned in the beginning and you need to re-verify that everything there is correct.

      I hope this helps.

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