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Xircom REM56G 10/100 slow modem

By mike_m ·
Have troubles setting XIRCOM REM56G 10/100 PCMCIA modem/ethernet card on IBM 2635 2ao, W98SE.
Took me a week to make LAN work. Now LAN is OK, but modem is OK only donloading (full 5.2+ KBytes/sec constantly).
Upload starts OK, then slows down after abt 2 : 5 seconds, and stops.
It looks like simultaneous up/downloads worsen the situation.
IMPORTANT: During installation, I had a situation where simultaneous down/up to different ftp sites gave constant 5K+ (almost) without retries.
Have latest firmware upgrade an latest drivers available on Intel site. IR is disabled on local profile.
Thank you. MIke.

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Xircom REM56G 10/100 slow modem

by Aaelwyn In reply to Xircom REM56G 10/100 slow ...

Don't have an answer, but sounds like something to with hardware/software firewall. anyone else expand on that?

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Xircom REM56G 10/100 slow modem

by mike_m In reply to Xircom REM56G 10/100 slow ...

No software o hardware firewall is installed. I would investigate something wrong with flow control/handshake. My feeling is that upload just doesn't serve flow control, overflows, and enters a series of errors/retries. This seems evident looking at the traffic graphs, where download is am almost straight line with packets, upload generates a random pattern of peaks and slots typical of lost packets and transmission errors. Sometimes some upload goes up well for sometime, and in this case the graph is solid like download's.
Possible IRQ conflict ? Handshake betweeen Xircom driver and BIOS ? Bad protocol ?.

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