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    XML Data capture for Infopath fields


    by burnell3670 ·

    I have a problem that i have been dealing with for several days…….

    Created an ASP script file that takes a variable (user ID) and queries database. If the variable is not specified as a querystring variable (at the end of the URL) then it uses the person?s user id (their network login) that is requesting the URL. A record set is returned from the database as an XML file. This works. Technically, this is not a web service. Functionally, it behaves sort of like a web service. Anyway by simply putting it in the address bar, it works!!

    OKay i created a secondary connection in the infopath form thinking i could capture those two data sets and bind them to two fields in my form. I thought using the “XML document” for receiving data, it would work……. and it does sort of. I did the binding for the fields…. it worked BUT regardless of whoever opens this published form up, it ALWAYS shows my info in these two fields….. i dont understand this……. SO i tried the web service…. but got an error because like i said this is not a web service……..

    my question is

    1.) What “receiving ” method do i use?

    2.) How do I capture the two fields from the ASP script – XML and bind them two the fields in the form?. And it not be mine info all the time.

    I figure on the OnLoad event but my code is not strong. the ASP URL is this:

    this script brings back the info i need in a XML file……. I just need to take that info out of the XML file (supervisorID, supervisorName):

    Norris, Chris B
    Dolder, Sean C

    and bind it to the supervisor ID and Supervisor Name fields of the form……

    Please help, been working on this for several days now…..

    thank you


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