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By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
Welcome to the XML Forum. This is the place to post your XML questions, share your best techniques, and express your opinion on topics that impact IT development.

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XML TechMail

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to XML Forum

Create an application with language translation:

The Feb. 12, XML TechMail discusses the using XML to create international applications. Have you found language translation to be a problem in your XML application development? What accommodations have you made in your development practices to account for language differences?

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proper forum?

by kevin In reply to XML TechMail

is this the proper forum for xml related questions? I have a problem on a stylesheet I would like to discuss.

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Yes, Please Post Questions Here!

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to proper forum?

Please, post any XML question here.

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xml to pdf conversion

by grimmers In reply to Yes, Please Post Question ...


Is it possible to convert xml data into a .pdf file formatt. I have looked everywhere but can't find anything. I am particularly looking to use VB or SQL Server 2000 to enable the conversion. Any ideas????? This would be very much appreciated!

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by zitts In reply to xml to pdf conversion

You will need to use XSLT to do the conversion. The Apache Cocoon project offers a way to accomplish this either by writing your own XSLT file or using one of there 'serializers'. Go to http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/overview.html.

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by kevin In reply to xml to pdf conversion

Their are java tools that do this. One is called FOP.

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You could also use Krysalis for XML to P

by acostin In reply to xml to pdf conversion

Krysalis is a publishing platform, and it allows you to publish PDF reports very easily from XML or relational data sources.

See more about this at http://www.interakt.ro/products/Krysalis/


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MS based XSL-FO processors

by ken.ross In reply to xml to pdf conversion

Yes. The easiest way I know is to transform the output with an XSLT into XSL-FO and then use and XSL-FO processor to render it to PDF.

Antennahouse has a XSL-FO processor which renders PDF documents. When last I knew you can download an eval copy from their website.


Ken R.

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by teste In reply to xml to pdf conversion

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by teste In reply to xml to pdf conversion

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