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XML shows only boxes instead of japan characters

By poornimah ·

I have a xml file where i have japanese characters within tags, if i open this xml file in asp.net or in internet explorer i see only square boxes instead of japanese characters. Anybody has a workaround for this please let me know.

Below i have given the format in xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

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You need the right tools

by ErickP72 In reply to XML shows only boxes inst ...


Are you entering UTF-8 in the text file that contains the XML? What is the data encoding?

Try this -- in IE, or Firefox, try changing the Encoding in the view settings to either UTF-8, or to Shift_JIS (for Japanese) or EUC-JP (another Japanese) -- and check if this makes the characters appear correctly?


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by poornimah In reply to You need the right tools

Once i open the xml file in the internet explorer, am able to see only few of the japanese characters and am not able to change the Encoding settings in IE, because the menu is disabled fully when i am viewing the XML file. If i open the same XML file in the .NET environment, only boxes are displayed instead of the japanese characters. I tried to create schema also, but still only boxes are displayed. Please help me. i have used UTF-16 as the encoding in XML

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Change encoding to UTF-8 in XML

by ErickP72 In reply to UTF-16

Use a text editor such as Ultraedit or Textpad and change the encoding of the XML text to UTF-8. That should show up properly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Also: Check this site for some old but useful info:

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