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By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
Use XML to create international applications, part 1:

The Feb. 5, XML TechMail discusses international XML solutions. Have you found language translation to be a problem in your XML application development? What accommodations have you made in your development practices to account for language differences? Share your experiences with the community.

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International XML

by sholmes In reply to XML TechMail Forum

While it's informative, the article ignores existing well defined and mature standards for localised content containment in XML - it's vital we don't fragment this space with too many alternative formats - XML specs are rampant enough!

I would therefore encourage readers to look to XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) under the localisation link at http://www.oasis-open.org and TMX at http://www.lisa.org.

You could also refer to the book XML Internationalization by Yves Savourel - available on Amazon I guess!


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Right on the mark

by rondon In reply to International XML

The first thing that attracted me to .Net was the ability to use xml for different languages. An incomplete solution but a good start, the solution I would up with was database driven with each language as a key for the page detail. Can?t wait for your next installment!
Ron Mahon

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Not entirely "mature"

by brian In reply to International XML


Thank you for your comments regarding XML localization and internationalization. No doubt our readers will enjoy the references to the XLIFF specification you've provided.

I would like to point out, however, that the XLIFF specificationis not entirely mature at this point in time. According to the OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee, the specification is currently in a Draft 2 status. A first release candidate is due out next week, while a fully approved release specification won't appear before March of this year.

That's not to say that XLIFF can't be used before then, but rather that the specification is still subject to change between now and then. Thank you again for reading and providing insightful comments.

Best regards,

Brian Schaffner

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