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XP/2000 Domain & Peer to Peer Networking

By BuckRogers ·
Looking for advise and options when it comes to having XP Pro Laptops that are part of a Domain in the office, but also go out to clients with each other and need to network in a peer to peer envirionment. First if they log in to local computer they lose their setting they have when logging in to a domain because of different profiles. If they login to the domain using cache information they can't find the domain controller to authenticate. Looking for the best solutions, from people they may have this same problem.

Thanks for any advise

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Longshot that is not tested

by Rodge In reply to XP/2000 Domain & Peer to ...

I am not sure if I understand "go out to clients with each other", but if it is the same Laptops that need to network with themselves in a different location, you could try to set static ip-addresses at the "alternative configuration" in Tcp/Ip properties. You could create a different account with sufficient permissions at the Laptops to use for logon with the alternate conf. You could copy the profile you use in the domain to the profile you use with the local logon account (if it is necessary).

Please give feedback if you test this

Greetings from Norway

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Laptop peer to peer XP/2000

by BuckRogers In reply to Longshot that is not test ...

That is correct they go to another location w/out a server and need to network peer to peer. What I have done is created a local user account that is the same on every laptop so that when the need to provide a user and password to connect everyone knows which one to use. They are now able to login to the domain with the cache information at the different location this way they keep the same profile, this works well with XP Pro but 2000 Pro is accessable but it can't access the other computersbecause it won't prompt for user password it gives a message server unavailable to authenticate. So the 2000 pro needs to login to local computer. (SideNote**Microsoft should create profiles from the username and that is it, if I login to a domainor local computer I want to see my settings always not have to copy profiles or hack the registry to have them both point to the same profile.)

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XP/2000 Domain & Workgroup Networking

by Dukes In reply to XP/2000 Domain & Peer to ...

I am having this same difficulty. Win 2k on one laptop XP Pro on the other. When at home I need to connect to my router for internet access and workgroup. When at the office I need to log in to the Domain. I have tried using two different login names and associated settings but no real luck. If I connect to the Domain I can't get back to the workgroup when at home. Is this nubie leaving out important steps? Or is this just not something I should be trying to do?

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XP Solution that works for me

by BuckRogers In reply to XP/2000 Domain & Workgrou ...

I have a router at my house and a domain at work. My laptop is setup to automatically receive TCP/IP settings from a DHCP server. When at work I login to the domain and receive the correcti IP information to access internet and servers. @ home I login the same like I am logging in to the domain since it can't find the domain controller it logs me in with cached information but it receives the IP information from my router @ home which gives me internet access.

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