XP/2000 installation does not start

By ameenmh ·
I have a celeron 1.70GHz PC with a Gigabyte Motherboard, 256MB DDR RAM(pc266), 40GB Samsung HDD.My problem is that I can install windows 98 on the PC, but when i try installing Windows 2000/XP the machine starts the initialisation of the hardware and process and then when the blue screen with the message 'setup will start installation of windows ' appears it stays like that and there is no further progress. The installation does not proceed from there.. Could someone please provide a solution for the same..

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for xp-installation

by mytech In reply to XP/2000 installation does ...

u can check ur hardware like ram .u should also check ur cpu heatsink.becoz sometime this type of prob occurs due to over heating at cpu or smps.or u can try first with 98 than upgrade to win-xp/2000.
all the best

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Recommend XP-upgrade

by anders_emajl In reply to for xp-installation

Hi, agree with deepak3i,
and advice to go for the last suestion -upgrade.

Had the same problem twize and solved it by booting to dos, with a Win98 bootfloppydisc with cd-rom support. Copied the installation files to the hd and started the setup from there.

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Tried the upgrade method

by ameenmh In reply to Recommend XP-upgrade

I had tried the upgrade method and also the fresh install. No use. It still gets stuck at the point where it says "Setup is starting Windows". Any other solutions Please..

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to XP/2000 installation does ...

This is a ram issue.The reason is when xp tries to access a specific part of your memory which is bad , it freezes.When installing windows 98 it does not require the same amount of ram and therefore does not access that specific module.I would try the install on one module at a time to narrow down which one is causing the problem and replace

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by ameenmh In reply to ram

Of all the replies I received. I guess ur solution is the most apt. The problem is that i only have one memory module ( DDR 1) and the availability to get one for testing itself is a bit difficult.

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XP Installation

by shuja52 In reply to XP/2000 installation does ...

It might seems that your hdd having some problem, check the BIOS setting, it may have SATA legacy enabled, disable it and then try again.

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SATA legacy ...

by Hanzo21 In reply to XP Installation


I think the motherboard was kind of old and wouldn't have a SATA legacy option.

I think I agreed with jamesatmaisonverre that the problem would be a memory problem. Some case that I handled was resolved by replacing the memory (RAM) or upgrading it to a higher capacity.

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XP Installation

by shuja52 In reply to XP/2000 installation does ...

Your IDE CAble attached to HDD may required to be changed, or there may be problem in HDD itself

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