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    by picturethat ·

    How do you determin what XP Pro you have? Is it OEM, MS, Upgrade, Open Licence??? How do you know?

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      by thechas ·

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      I’m not on my XP box at the moment.

      I believe if you run a system inventory utility such as Belarc Advisor, it will tell you which version you have.

      If you bought your PC from a major retailer, you have an OEM version of XP.

      Open license versions should only be found on corporate networks.
      And then, only if the IT department sets up the PCs themselves and does not purchase them pre-configured.

      Generally speaking, you would only have the upgrade version if you installed it yourself as an upgrade on an existing PC.

      You can also look at your CD and product key.

      The CD will have the version in the hologram on the label side.
      (At least my upgrade and OEM CD do.)


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      by degnan ·

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      On the xp system I am on right now, if you just right click My Computer and go to properties, it lists a registration # which (in my case) says oem right in it.

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      by picturethat ·

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