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    XP – 98 shortcut compatibility


    by dhudgins ·

    When I create a shortcut to an item using the UNC path with XP, my 98 & NT machines do not see the long file name. For example, I create shortcut with XP to the following item “\\Server\Data\Master Price Sheet\Master Price Sheet.xls” On the 98 & NT machines the shortcut is resolved to \\Server\Data\Master~1\Master~1.xls. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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      Reply To: XP – 98 shortcut compatibility

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to XP – 98 shortcut compatibility

      Even if you modify the Target field in the Windows XP shortcut to comply with the 8dot3 format, which is added to the directory listing in the command window when you do dir /X, Windows XP in its wisdom changes the Target presentation back to non-8dot3.

      I’d suggest that you maintain two sets of shortcuts in your system, unless you want to convert your older desktops to XP.

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