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XP Accounts Log on, Immediately Log off

By kaleemmohammed1982 ·
On Windows XP, trying to log on to any account (including Administrator, even in Safe Mode) results in the following sequence:
Message says "Loading personal settings"
Within 3 seconds, message says "Logging Off".
Screen goes back to logon screen (user menu).
I am unable to get to my dekstop.

This question has bee asked before but i am finding it hard to solve the problem with the solution suggested.

somone suggested that there was not a need for a re-install. The suggested solution was to reboot the comp with windows XP cd and then enter the recovery console and to type C:/windows/system32

I am unable to type anyhting but the number one in the recovery console and then i am prompted for a password which i don't know.

Can someone help me go through this step by step either by posting on the site or by e-mailing me

If anyone has anyother solution please feel free to post them. I thank you in advance for your help.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...

In the recovery console, if you don`t know the password, then its probably not set, so just press enter to get past it.

You need to cd to windows\system32 folder and Type: copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe

Exit to reboot.

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unable to copy appears

by mmudd In reply to

After typing: "copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe" and hiting enter. A prompt saying "unable to copy the files" appears. I type in "exit" thereafter and it doesn't resolve. Is there something else I can do?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...


Have you tried the alternative way to repair XP which does not involve using the Recovery Consol? Try this site here for instructions on how to do it:

Good luck

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by kaleemmohammed1982 In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...
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by kaleemmohammed1982 In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...

Thank you for the reply PJ. Please could you actually write step by step what I have to do. I am a bit confused as to what to write, whether to leave spaces etc.

If you could do a numbered list and then highlight anything which i have to put in the recovery console in CAPITAL LETTERS this would help me out alot.

Thank You

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by Vetch_101 In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...

Your recovery console password - if you can't log on - there are utilities which you can use to log on to an NT/2k/XP machine and change the password.

You'll need to boot to dos and use a password changer - Google for Offline NT/2K/XP Password Changer. You will find documentation and a download to change the password - but do not do this if you are using the encrypted file system as you will not be able to access the data again.

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by jmt In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...

I had this problem and it wasn't due to userinit.exe or wsaupdater.exe, It was die to a corrupt registry. I couldn't repair the system from the XP CD (Kept telling me that it wasn't enough room on the HDD though it was 37GB free). After exhausting all my thoughts and trying many of the offerings on the forums, I was about to give up and re-format. I turned out that the PC was the only one that had with the pattern cutting program on it and they couldn't find the CD to re-install it and would have to get one sent from overseas. This would put just about the whole factory out of work until it arrived. Remote Registry Admin was disabled on this PC and System restore had been turned off so I downloaded BARTPE's Bootable Live XP CD ( and created a bootable CD. I was then able to load and examine the registry hives. I loaded each of the hives in turn and compared them to the Hives backed up in %Systemroot%/Repair using a combination of the LoadHive, RegHive & RegeditPE utilities that come with BartPE or are free downloadable plugins and A utility called ExamDiff (also a free download). One of the hive utilities (can't remember which one) gives you the opportunity to save the hive in text or html format. Examdiff will highlight all lines that are different between two text files and is great at resynching after a number of different lines. After exporting only the differences, I was able to discover that some sections that should have been in one Hive were indeed in another. To cut a long story short, I was able to rebuild the registry by deleting the sections in the hives that were out of place, use find/replace in a text editor to change the key locations in the saved text registry diff files and import them back into the remote loaded hives and save them back out (31 hours work all together). If System restore was not turned off on this system, you should have a much easier time if you follow the steps in part 2 to follow:

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Found it on Sweeet like a lemmon

by phillip In reply to

After all the other registry fixes I did this and Kapowwwwww was 3 am and i was of to bed Coppied from the site
Q: When I logon to either user account (both are set up as administrator) the password is accepted, the message ?Loading settings? displays, the wallpaper shows briefly, then the message ?Logging off? displays and it comes back to the welcome screen. I tried everything that is explained in this link. I do not see the file userinit.exe or wsaupdater.exe in the system32 folder.

A: The DllCache folder (c:\windows\system32\dllcache\) maintains a copy of userinit.exe. Simply copy it to the system32 folder. If not, you may have to expand a copy from the source. (either from the Windows XP CD, or from the ServicePackFiles source path)

As you?re unable to login to the system at present, either use Bart?s PE boot CD, or use the parallel Windows XP installation (if available) to carryout the file/regist

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by jmt In reply to XP Accounts Log on, Immed ...

Part 2:
1. Boot up with BartPE or Knoppix Live CD
a: If Knoppix, change the mount mode to read/write on the mounted windows volume.
2. Navigate to the %Systemroot%/System32/Config folder that contains the registry hives.
3. rename the following 5 hives (Default, Sam, Security, Software & System) by appending the extension ".bad" to them.
3. navigate to the latest good system restore folder (e.g C:\System Volume Information\_restore{6263712E-FF25-4E21-882B-28E6742026F8}\RP182\snapshot) your numbers won't be exactly the same but look at the dates and choose one with a date previous to the last time it booted OK. (Make sure display hidden files and folders is ticked in folder options)
4. Copy the five files that start with _REGISTRY_MACHINE_ (SAM SECURITY SOFTWARE & SYSTEM) and the _REGISTRY_USER_DEFAULT files to the %SystemRoot\System32\Config Folder and rename to Default, Sam, Security, Software & System) and reboot.

For info on editing remote hives see and other google searched articles.

HTH James Taylor

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HELP I have this Problem all over the place!!!

by Arachia In reply to

I use avast in my private pc assitance and recently had a number of computers that had this problem. most of them had god knows how many viruses on them, and in every case I first ignored stuff in system folders and put the other stuff in a hybornation box, aka the software moved and name changed the file so it would not do anything.

Then I had to do the same to the system folder as there was still to many problems. This was all done in boot mode by the program in all but two case was avast, since it was the only program that I found would remove enough of the corruption.

After the pc rebooted it would go to welcome/select user screen even if it did not before, and would go "logging in" "saving settings" "logging out" and back to user select.

safe mode, with and without command promps, networking mode, and adminastrator all present the same result.

remote registry shows a few of the pcs and seems to connect, but then it errors at the first lvl of the other pcs registry.

I have one hard drive to usb kit but have yet to get it to work and rather not risk it on these computers as yet as I have heard to many horror stories. anyone know the safety of these I have one from bytecc. I have tried it on some used drives to try to wipe them for slaves or new build, but they spin up and show most of the time but can not get in.

need help figuring out the correct method of repair. All of the pc but one is XP, a few of those are media centers. with a boot disc can you use the vista recovery disc to fix the registry without messing up the stuff on the rest of the XP computerS.

I have seen Bart's disc but am working on figuring out how to use this. All the ppl that have this problem lost or never had a original XP system disc. That is why they came to me in most cases.

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