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XP Activation

By stefanie7 ·
I simply wish to exercise a little more on an issue I was reading between "Retired Techie Keith" and goofytech. Perhaps I'm reading it wrong but it appears to indicate that if new hardware is added, avoiding XP activation is as simple as reinstalling XP using the "Repair" method. Wrong!!!
Case 1. I have a client machine that I installed a registered XP home on 4 months ago. The PC got hit by lightning strike and BBQ'd the Mobo and spiked his 4 month old 80gig Western.
I replaced the Mobo (MSI k9vgm-v), CPU (AMD Athlon 64 3800+, dual core AM2), Ram (Elixir 512mb x 2) and Vid (MSI NX6200TC-TD512EPCI-E). The HDD would not boot normaly so I reinstalled XP using the repair method. Sure the HDD was once again working fine (Thankfully), but the "repair" method certainly did not stop the Windows Activation jumping into action. And it's so annoying when the XP is authentic. Get this, I spent over 4 1/2 hours on the phone to Malaysia with Microsoft Techs, to fianlly get it registered again.
Case 2. A client machine went down and I was suspecting HDD failure. Just to test the theory, I removed the HDD from 1 of my 2 machines and booted it up in the client machine. It gave me the answer I was looking for, so I returned my HDD to it's original machine. The same machine it was registered and activated in, in the first place without any HW changes what so ever. Guess what? It had detected the hardware changes in the customer machine and would no longer work in my machine without re-activation of the registration and was arguing noted hardware changes. I then had to go through a similar session with Microsoft to re-activate my XP in it's original machine where it had always lived from it's first and only XP install.

Ok, Ive read lots about backing the wpa.dbl and wpa.bak to get around this, but who has a solution where those files haven't been backed up first, without having to contact microsoft. Surely there's a handful of simple CMD and REGEDIT strings to modify and/or add to fix it's little red wagon.
All the real Tech's, put up your hand. I'm certainly keen to listen and learn something new

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XP Activation

by pgk11 In reply to XP Activation

I have heard (never tried) that with XP Pro you can run a command (SYSPREP.EXE) with various switches that would prepare a HDD for being installed in another machine. One of the switches prevents that activation flag from being reset so I believe this means when installed in the new machine it will not require activation.

I do not believe this is available in the Home edition.

The SYSPREP.EXE file is on the XP PRO CD in the SUPPORT/TOOLS directory and is embedded in the DEPLOY.CAB file.

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