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XP Activation

By mike ·
Is it possible to defeat xp activation/how?

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XP Activation

by TheChas In reply to XP Activation

The XP product activation code is hardware specific.

To defeat or bypass product activation, you would need to reverse engineer the software that Microsoft uses to create the activation code from a systems hardware profile and product key.

So no, there is no way to bypass product activation.

You will need to buy a license for each system that you desire to install XP onto.

Theoretically, if you built several systems with IDENTICAL hardware, you MIGHT be able to copy the activation files from the first system to the others.

Keep in mind, that with service pack 1, Microsoft is now checking your license key versus a list of keys when you run Windows update.
If you did manage to clone the XP activation between several PCs, you would be at great risk should any of the machines request Windows updates.


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XP Activation

by dmiles7 In reply to XP Activation

No,it is not logical to defeat the XP activation code,unless you have the programmers code,there are work arounds to the activation code that is hardware specific.

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XP Activation

by Deadly Ernest In reply to XP Activation

Technically it is not possible to avoid the activation in Win XP. Howver, I have seen some early corporate edition CDs of Win XP Pro for use in the corporate environment, set up to allow an image to be made and multiple installs.

With a copy ofthis you do not need activation. the down side is that you can not load Service Pack one or any later updates as you need a special file to allow it to be loaded onto the machine and that file is only available from a special area within Microsoft.
I have heard of people who used the one copy to load onto two or three machines that were similar but with some hardware differences and done with a few months between loads. When they activated they gave the same personal details etc and the system activated on each machine, but agains they had problems with windows update for the first two machines installed. Just as easy to get proper licences and load and activate properly.

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XP Activation

by daytonohio In reply to XP Activation

1 look for xp gen program, it will hunt for code but is lengthy process depending on cpu speed.

2 before installing cd burn copies needed for additonal machines

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by wlbowers In reply to XP Activation

No! The only code generator that worked is defeated in the first service pack upgrade.

Wrong site to ask how to hack an OS.


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