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    XP and 98se on same network


    by todd ·

    Setup 2 new pcs on NT domain – I can see server and both xp machines. But cannot see the 4 other 98 machines ?

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      I seem to remember

      by leftyfrizzell ·

      In reply to XP and 98se on same network

      That the workgroup that the 98 machines are in has to have the same name as the domain the nt boxes are in.

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        by qomputek ·

        In reply to I seem to remember

        you have to tell your win98 boxs that they are part of a domain and then give that domain name. then reboot.

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      We had this at a LAN party

      by admin ·

      In reply to XP and 98se on same network

      with DHCP a couple of weeks ago and all it took was a manual release/renew on the offending boxes after we figured out the addressing was wrong after checking it manually 🙂

      I’m not saying it is this, you just might want to check as one of the possibles…

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      What version of XP?

      by wtgroup ·

      In reply to XP and 98se on same network

      If you have XP home, I don’t believe you will be able to log in to an NT domain. They did not build that into the OS.

      If you have XP pro, that is not the case.

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