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XP and Vista freeze on install

By jeffzz421 ·
So I have built a new machine.

ASUS m3a78-t
antec neopower 650
2 x 2gb ocz reaper pc 8500 ram
2 x 360 gb Western Digital Sata II hdds
amd phenom x3 8450 2.1 ghz
lg dvd writer

I finally got working hard drives (had two bad ones sent to me), and now trying to install any OS does not work. Upon installing XP I get a BSOD error 0x0000007b. Upon installing Vista I get to the point where a vista ish blue wallpaper shows up. Then I can do nothing but move my mouse. It is completely frozen.

Any help would be great. Thanks a lot in advance.

Jeff Z.

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Couple of potential answers

by IC-IT In reply to XP and Vista freeze on in ...

1. XP - It is likely that you will need to put the SATA drivers (located on your motherboard CD!?) onto a floppy and watch for the prompt to press f6 during the early part of the install.
You may have drivers built into XP that are close but no cigar.

2. Vista may not like the install with both memory sticks.

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by jeffzz421 In reply to Couple of potential answe ...

I mostly mentioned the XP thing to back up what was happening. I would rather use vista to maximize what my new system can do. I tried the vista install and XP install with only one stick and got the same problem. My XP disc worked already on a sata drive setup so I know that I have the drivers on the xp disc. Even so, to avoid using a floppy also, I would must rather just stick with vista.

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I would agree with the first post

by ---TK--- In reply to XP and Vista freeze on in ...

I have scene XP complain about to much ram... Try and remove one of the sticks... install the OS, do all your updates, then put the second stick in.

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Try this..

by heludaye In reply to XP and Vista freeze on in ...

1. Try to set 1 ram and 1 hdd den install it, maybe its because of 1 of your ram or hdd is not working/malfunction/not compatible with each other.
2. Try to update your BIOS. (becareful...if your uprade didn't work your M.Board will be dead.)
3. Try to replace your jumper setting on hdd and your LG DVD Writer

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