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XP and Win98 Network Places

By markin ·
I'm running a network with a mixture of Win98 and XP PC's. The problem I'm having with my particular XP PC is that it's not showing an updated list of PC's in My Network Places. If I click on Entire Network on the left of the screen then on Microsoft Windows Network, I can go into the various Work Groups and it will show me current user info.
I found a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 300788 that talks about my problem and it says that it should be fixed after 48 hours after the age out period has elapsed but my problem has been going on for several weeks.
How can I fix the Network Places main screen where it shows the current information when I go into it?


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by Alex King In reply to XP and Win98 Network Plac ...

Hello Mark, In such a mixed environment you will not see 'all' of your clients in My Network Places. Non-Win9x clients should show (if you are using a Domain), and all Win9x clients should be found in your Workgroup folder (which may or may not be actually named "Workgroup").
You need to tell us a little more about your "Network" setup. For instance, is it Peer-to-Peer? Are you using TCP/IP? NetBEUI? Are you using a Domain? Workgroup? You cannot make a Win9x client sign on to a Domain, even if an overall "Member" - only in a Workgroup. XP, Win2K, etc., on the other hand, sign directly on to the Domain. If you are using a Domain, then your non-Win9x clients would normally be configured to sign on as members of the Domain, and all Win9x clients are members of a designated Workgroup. Workgroup clients will only 'see' the other Workgroup clients, while members of the Domain can 'see' all Domain members - PLUS members of the Workgroup. If you Ping a Domain member from a Workgroup client, you should 'see' it OK - even though Domain members are otherwise 'invisible'. Thus, you can still Map Win9x clients to Domain resources - providing you know the IP addresses, etc. This is normal for such a configuration, but there are certain required unique setup procedures (see your Help files).
Good luck.
Alex King

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by markin In reply to XP and Win98 Network Plac ...

We are on a peer-to-peer network using TCP/IP and were using Workgroups and not domains. I hope this helps....


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by Alex King In reply to XP and Win98 Network Plac ...

Hello again Mark,
Non-Win98x computers can be shown direct in the Network folder, but not Win98x PC's - they will only show within the Workgroups that they participate in. Thus, you are not going to see all of your networked clients until you have upgraded all the Win98x workstations to Win2K or later. I forget if ME will show, don't have an ME workstation handy (ME was never meant to be a "workstation" anyhow). You may also wish to review your permissions. There is never a silver bullet for permissions, as the combinations are nearly infinate. Good luck.

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