XP audio problem

By gobicse ·
I have HP DV 2000 laptop.It came with windows vista. I downgraded it to windows xp. I ve got 2 problems in that. First one whenever i play videos or audios, sound is coming from both speakers and headphones,even though when i plug in headphones.I dont know whether it is software or hardware problem.

Second problem is i couldnt find the driver for wired Internet connection. Wireless is working fine.

I searched a lot in the internet for these two problems,but i couldnt find anything useful.

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go to hp and take a look

by computechdan In reply to XP audio problem

hp lists 164 models of dv2000 laptops find yours and see if the drivers u need are there

perhaps u searched dv 2000 which is a dead end search

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remove sound card

by BizIntelligence In reply to XP audio problem

remove soudncard from device manager and let windows XP install it again. try that !

if that doesnt help then please tell us what is the make of sound card.

Cheers !

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Downgrade Drivers

by TheChas In reply to XP audio problem

Yes, one of the big problems people have when they downgrade a system is finding hardware drivers. More and more, the computer manufactures are not posting a full set of drivers.

For the wired NIC, the device is most likely part of the motherboard chip-set drivers.

If HP does not have a XP version chip-set driver for you to download, you will need to identify the specific chip-set and download the chip manufactures reference driver.

As to your audio problem, I suspect that the XP driver does not support the switch function. Or, at least the default XP driver does not.

Again, the first thing to do is see if HP has a XP version driver posted for your system. If not, you will again need to find the chip manufactures reference driver.


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If this laptop came with Vista loaded

by tintoman In reply to XP audio problem

and you did not get a restore disk for Win XP then it would appear that the ;aptop was designed for Vista, there would not therefore necessarily be any XP drivers in existance other than those contained within Windows XP by default.
If I were you I would get with the times and change it back to Vista...what's the big deal anyway I've never had a problem with Vista!

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