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    XP -Auto Change Screen Resolution?


    by stevennz ·

    Each of my family members has a separate logon to my computer. Problem is that my son likes one screen resolution and the rest of us another and its a real pain having to go through the screen properties dialog box each time.

    Is there a way to set up a script in that resets the screen resolution? How would I go about doing this?

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      If you’re using XP Pro

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to XP -Auto Change Screen Resolution?

      All that you have to do is go into accounts section and create different user accounts for each user with whatever settings that that particualr user requires along with whatever priviliges you wish the user to have and then when you load the systemand click on the user name you should get your previous settings. This applies to the screen resoultions as well as user priviliges. You can also select different Icons for each user so that it’s easier to see which user is currently being axcessed.

      Perhaps your son wants to log on with full admin privilives and then he keeps changing the resulitions around the best way to prevent this from happening is to set paswords for each account so that only the proper user can gain axcess to their account and not otheres, needles to say don’t tick the Auto Supply Pasword option or this will defeat the whole idea.

      If your using XP Home I don’t know as I’ve never touched it and don’t know how it performs. When I first started with XP I did some quick sums and discovered that it would cost more to bring Home up to the Professional levels than to buy the Professional version so that’s what I’ve stuck with plus if you take the time to read Microsofts advertising material they only recomend XP Home for a games machine and very clearly tell you not to put any sentsive material on the computer equipted with the Home version that also includes any Internet Banking or personal information as even Microsoft don’t claim that the Home version is secure enough to prevent identy thieft of unauthorised axcess to your personal details. Perhaps it’s only advertising guff but as they don’t have a strong security record I’m not prepared to take the chance.

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      Not A Discussion Topic

      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to XP -Auto Change Screen Resolution?

      Please post questions in the Q&A area. Thanks.

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