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    XP Auto Logon


    by pittlimey ·

    I have a WIN XP “HOME” machine that the person before me installed in a public (General Employee)area, not General Public area. I have so many problems with this machine it being used and abused by so many people… (it has internet access). I have tried to persuade my management to upgrade at least to XP Pro, but they do not want to listen to any expenditures right now. Anyway, I downloaded a product that allowed me to secure the pc as if it was a Public Kiosk, with no ability to change system parameters etc.. and while it worked reasonably well it had a few problems and I had to remove it. After I removed it, the pc now tries to autologon with a disabled account when booted. It sits there for ever until it times out trying and then you get your normal logon screen back. The company I got the Kiosk software from is not answering email.. does any one have any ideas how to resolve this auto login problem…


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      Some ideas

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to XP Auto Logon

      You could login with an administrator-level privilege account and blow away the profile of the non-working account.

      You could nuke and pave the system and perform a Windows re-install.

      In addition, you could let your company know that the lovely new SOX and HIPPA laws makes both companies and the management legally responsible for inadvertant release of confidential information. Request that management sign a letter in which you state that the company and management accepts full legal responsibility for all damages, civil and criminal prosecution from having this system on the network. Be sure to forward this to the legal counsel for the company also. In addition, a picture of Martha Stewart in prison garb with managements’ faces plastered next to it might serve as a wake up call.

      Personally, this is a perfect example of a time to start perusing the resume out to the headhunters and your professional contacts. Run, don’t walk out of that place…

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      Reply To: XP Auto Logon

      by ahar ·

      In reply to XP Auto Logon

      Take a look at the registry

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

      maybe there this is a startingpoint for your quest into the realms of the registry 😉

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      Wrong forum

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to XP Auto Logon

      This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

      It properly belongs in “Technical Q&A,” not in “Discussions.”

      Please re-post there.

      Thank you.

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      turn off auto logon in registry with 3 changes

      by bwarn ·

      In reply to XP Auto Logon

      1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
      2. Locate the following registry key:
      3. Double-click the DefaultUserName entry, delete the user name, and then click OK.
      4. Double-click the DefaultPassword entry, delete the password under the value data box, and then click OK.
      5. Double-click the AutoAdminLogon entry, type 0 in the Value Data box, and then click OK.
      6. Quit Registry Editor.
      7. Click Start, click Restart, and then click OK.

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