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By jmcc19 ·
What would cause an XP client machine to automatically attempt a login to a remote machine (also XP) using the locally logged in user, causing a failure if the user/password does not exist on the remote machine? My situation is this: I have two Windows XP machines. When I attempt to login from one to the other (to access a shared folder), I immediately get an access denied error message. By setting up auditing on the "server" side computer, I was able to see that the client was attempting to login as the administrator, and failing because the passwords were not the same. It would not prompt me for a new login, as is normally the case on most other XP workstations I have experimented with. As soon as I logged into the client machine as a different user (locally), it would then promt me when attempting to access the remote machine. If I'm not mistaken, this behavior is normal for pre XP machines. But in my experience, XP allways prompts for a new user/password if the currrent one is invalid. What would cause it not to?

Thank you very much for any insight you can give.

(Edit: I thought it might be important to mention that both machines are in a workgroup environment)

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by sudhanshukabra In reply to XP Automatic Remote Authe ...

I have a soln for you might this may help you..

# Go to run prompt:

TYPE: control keymgr.dll

# Remove every thing in there... [this will clean any cache of paswords :)]

# try again access teh share hope this work else this could be related to File Permissions & shre permissions for the user i nthe share folder & also you can check bypass traverse checking..

this should end here with a resolution..

if not give me more overview of the problem & the exact error messge with a snap shot if possible this would help you..

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