XP based OS to 98 or ME Dos

By X Mad X ·
I have purchased software that seems to only run on 95/98-98se/ME... i currently run XP pro and this program only runs by exiting Windows select START, SHUTDOWN and RESTART IN MS-DOS MODE. Being only a novice user, i am wondering is there way to exit windows and only run in Dos or is there an emulator that allows me to do this ?
I appreciate any help at all on this subject, as i appreciate it's most likely relitively simple to do, i just haven't figgured out how i can do this.
Or am i missing something, can i not run a program designed for Fat32 in NTFS ?
Please help, if i didn't want to use this software so bad, i wouldn't even bother asking.

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What type of Software?

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP based OS to 98 or ME D ...

A Game
An Office suite.

If its a game.
Start, All Programs, Accessories, Program Compatability Wizard. Follow the prompts and try the different settings. You will need to know the executable file to launch. EG:lego.exe

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You should be able to run Dos Apps in XP

by minhajlk In reply to XP based OS to 98 or ME D ...

Right click on the Application icon and select properties then select the Compatibility tab,

check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" check box.

Next select whatever the OS you want run your application (Windows 95/Windows 9.

Hope this answers your question. Good Luck.

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Install win95/98 programs possible?

by davidsaintamour In reply to You should be able to run ...

Is it possible to install a program meant for win95/98 on a winXP system using a similar technique?

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Run Virtual PC

by MBhutta In reply to XP based OS to 98 or ME D ...

If you got Win98/Win95 CD on you then run Virtual PC on top of XP. Go to

so you can get the software. Then install it. To learn more go to

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